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Crash it doesn’t work.

How do I request a refund?

Crashed / doesn’t work

Waste of money

Don't buy it

Not working

Great app

Works as advertised- no issues. Simple, functional & very convenient. Keep up the good work!

Does what it's supposed to do...

...but I cannot EMAIL myself the generated PDF. It GENERATES a PDF perfectly, but the send to email feature doesn't work within this app because the app either crashes while trying to email the PDF, or the app says it sent the PDF but then it didn't. (I've checked my outbox, sent mail, and inbox folders--I didn't find PDFs in any of them). To the app developer: Would you please fix the send PDF as email bug so it actually works? I'd even pay to have this feature work.

Too crash when I open capture file

My phone version is ios6.1.3. Please fix this problem. Update please!


It can't access my bookmarks so I have to type them in manually. Really?

Good by Minor problems

Can't save large web pages before force closing néed to update the application.

There when ya need it.

I definitely don't use this app on a daily or sometimes even a weekly basis, but when I need it I'm SOOOO glad I have it!!


Won't load.

This is so unnecessary!!

All you have to do with any iPhone is simultaneously press the 'Home' button and the power button and >whalah!< there you have it, saved already in your Photos the screen shot. Why is this App necessary and why does it costs $4.99???! Are you friggin kidding me?


It is a great idea. Too bad it doesn't work. I either get a constant error message or it crashes when it starts capturing. 👎


What's the point in this app? We can just screen shot the screen and get the same picture but more clear!

Great work 👍

Read above

Not worth installing

Issues: 1) When you try to capture a web page, it says completed but won't save the jpeg in your library (even though the save to library option is on) 2) If the first image says it completed even though it didn't generate a jpeg in your photos, trying to capture another page (like a second page in a forum), the app grinds through and either crashes of forces the iPod 5g touch to reboot. 3) On the rare occasion that the app truly works, the result is too fuzzy to read on standard resolution. Retina might fix that issue, but I can't get it to save a retina resolution jpeg to test it with. 4) When trying to view it within the app, it tries to get me to open Houzz or LogMeIn...not apps I'd consider for viewing images. 5) The inbuilt web browser doesn't have zoom capability, and it is zoomed in so far that I can barely see that I am on the right page to be captured in the first place. All in all, this app's premise is genius. But the execution is not ready for release, or for advertising on AppGratis. It also is not worth $4.99 in its present form. Fix the bugs, and I will reconsider this review.

Not clear!

In the large or even medium scale the image is not clear! Fix it and i will give u 5 star;)

crash too often(ios 6,4s)

cannot save big pages. if you save it and open it, the app crashes. saving to album or other softwares makes the picture smaller and not clear.

Browser Issues

The integrated browser doesn't work well with some fluid-width websites. Other than that, capture works well.

Great app

Yes.. It's worth Five stars.


Amazing app Like it

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